My Online Evolution


Growing up, I did not have cable, or access to a computer. Although I wished I could understand the Disney channel references my friends were making, being connected on the internet was still relatively unnecessary when I was growing up. It was more of an additional privilege, than the seemingly mandatory practice it is now. However, when I was about 12 years old, this started to change. All of the kids in my class had email addresses and MSN accounts to instant message on. This replaced the home phone as a medium to make plans with friends, and soon it felt important to be involved. My mom would let me go to the library for the couple hours to chat on the computer, and I would have several windows of conversations open while also participating on sites such as Neopets and Myspace.

Over the following decade, I created accounts on the now popular sites– Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. When I started my blog on Tumblr, it was fun to search things I was interested in. Little did I know, that Tumblr would be a major part of getting through depression and “coming out” as gay in high school. It is a space to find other people like yourself, and also to connect with people who are different from you. Several of the best friends that I have now, I originally connected with on Tumblr. Online blogging has provided a place for me to give advice to those who ask for it, to make my own creative content, and to get feedback on it. Now I have a Youtube account that I publish creative content on, and although I have always been creating music, ideas, and writing… my online evolution has given me the confidence to share it with the world, and confidence in myself!



A further illustration of my online experience on storify…


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