MAKE A MEME ANY MEME… Then Explain How And Why You Did It.


The meme I created using uses the image template of ‘Crazy Eyes.’ I typed ‘Crazy Eyes’ into the search bar on the site and was able to find a few memes already created with her image, however most of them were just directly quoting her lines from the show.While they gave me some laughs, I decided that I wanted to create a gif that stated a scenario that had not occurred in the show, but that would still be completely relevant to the character of Crazy Eyes.  The text I chose to insert reads, “When their phone…has no passcode.”


The text on its own would not provide much meaning to a reader. There are a few things someone must be ‘in the know’ about in order to understand the context of this meme. To start, Crazy Eyes is the nickname given to a character on the hit Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black. Her real name is Suzanne, however her obsessive, stalker-like tendencies in combination with her buggy eyes stuck her with the nickname Crazy Eyes. In Orange Is The New Black, Crazy Eyes obsesses over the main character Piper, and within days starts referring to her as her wife, and makes several displays of romance in attempts to ‘woo’ her. I chose a character from this series because the new season has just been released, and it is a very popular subject online right now, which is what most memes stem from. The background context of Suzanne/Crazy Eyes is the first bit of information someone would need to understand in order to grasp the significance of the meme I created.

The text reads, “When their phone…has no passcode.” A passcode is a term used to refer to the passwords put on iPhones to protect one’s personal information. To many people, someone else having full access to their phone instigates immediate feelings of vulnerability and anxiety. Whether or not you are hiding anything on your phone, your contacts, messages, history and possibly personal information is stored there, and a stranger looking through those things would feel like an invasion of privacy to those whose lives are thoroughly connected within the wires of their phone.

The meme uses intertextuality because it cross-references a character from popular culture, with a wide audience. It also uses interedexicality because the text comments on both the trust we place in technology, and the way our relationships with others, and the way we share our personal information is altered by our participation in media practices. The meme uses the facial expression of Crazy Eyes—and the context of her character—to display the way someone might look or feel if they were to be looking for information in someone else’s phone, whether it be for curiousity or jealousy, and did not have a passcode blocking their way!  The audience for this meme is anyone who watches Orange Is The New Black, and finds meaning between Crazy Eyes and the text, and finds that meaning somewhat funny.




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